Getting to Grips with Florida Food


The Florida Keys region is famous for its delicious seafood such as crab and grouper. Conch fritters is another signature dish that can be found here. This type of large shellfish produces juicy meat that can be soaked in lemon juice before being cooked. Conch fritters make the perfect accompaniment to a main meal and are made by chopping conch meat and mixing it with vegetables such as onions, peppers and celery, making the mixture into small balls and frying it.

Floribbean Cuisine

This type of cuisine takes its influence from Cuba and the Caribbean and is particularly popular in Miami. Cubanos, which is a type of Cuban sandwich, is particularly popular and features ham, salami, roast pork cheese and a fresh pickle served on thick and chewy Cuban bread, which is toasted. Rice with chicken known locally as arroz con pollo is another staple dish and is served with white rice, clack beans and fried plantains. The medianoche is a special version of the Cubanos that is served on yellow egg bread. This sandwich is usually smaller than a Cubanos and is typically eaten as a midnight snack.

Swamp cabbage

Swamp cabbageThis unusual type of vegetable dish is created from the heart of the sabal palm tree that grows throughout. It is boiled up with cabbage and then served with cream and tomatoes.

Key Lime Pie

This sweet treat is the ideal dessert and features a tangy combination of cream, eggs and plenty of lime. The mixture is baked in a pie and then topped with meringue to add an extra light and creamy texture that people of all ages are sure to love.


Fresh fruits and vegetables like juicy strawberries, grits, okra and boiled peanuts are all very popular snacks in Florida that can be enjoyed at any time.