Getting to Know Thai Food

Thai food features a combination of fresh flavors such as basil, ginger chili and lemongrass served with vegetables and either meat or seafood. Thai dishes are typically either served with rice or noodles and dozens of popular Thai dishes are represented on the online food menu. Here is a selection of the most popular Thai takeaway orders.

Tom Yum Seafood Soup

Tom Yum Seafood SoupThis hot and spicy soup features a mixture of fresh seafood, ginger, chili and lemongrass and is one of Thailand’s most popular dishes. Although the soup can be eaten at the start of a meal, it is rich and hearty enough to eat as a main course although with steamed rice.

Gaeng Masaman Gai – Thai Chicken Curry

This rich and thick curry hails from the south of Thailand. Unlike many other types of Thai curries, Masaman is usually delicately spiced and has a creamy texture. It features pieces of potato as well as onion, carrot and chicken and can be eaten either alone or with steamed rice.

Thai Style Roast Pork Kao

This popular rice dish features pieces of roast pork and vegetables in rice. The dish can either be eaten alone or as the perfect accompaniment to a Thai curry dish.

Crispy Noodle Nest Topped with Mixed Meat

Crispy rice noodles make the base of this delicious dish. The noodles are topped with a thick broth that features a combination of mixed meat as well as soya beans and vegetables and like most noodle dishes, it is usually eaten alone. Although the dish is not usually spicy, chili and other condiments can be added to it according to taste.

Tom Kha Gai Chicken Curry

This soup takes coconut milk as its base and is very rich and creamy. Pieces of galangal as well as lemongrass and chicken are added to the curry to give it its subtle flavour and texture. The dish is usually delicately spiced and is traditionally eaten with a serving of plain steamed rice.