Great Side Dishes to Enjoy with Steak

Dishes to Enjoy with SteakMany people love steak but get stuck when it comes to ordering side dishes. Although baked potatoes and corn are very popular dishes to eat with steak, they can be rather plain and boring. Here are some different ideas for side dishes that you can order to eat with steak or prepare at home very easily.

  • Glazed carrots – These golden beauties are much tastier than simply steaming carrots. They boast an appealing crunch.
  • Green bean casserole – This side dish is also very healthy and is the perfect balance for steak.
  • Kale and potato gratin – Adding a little kale to potato gratin is a great way to get kids to eat their greens and it is very easy to make.
  • Potatoes roasted with rosemary – Give roast potatoes a new least of life by cutting them into small chunks and adding plenty of rosemary to the mix.
  • Pearl onions glazed with balsamic vinegar – Forget simply frying those onions, this super side dish is much healthier and has a real bite to it.
  • Asparagus ribbons – Get creative with the asparagus by cutting it into ribbons so that it will be much more tender and look very appealing when placed on the plate in a creative way.
  • Greek salad – This healthy side dish features fresh olives, onions, tomatoes, lettuce and feta cheese and is sure to make people come back for more time and time again.
  • Potato salad – This is an easy side dish option if you are cooking steak on the barbecue as it can be prepared in advance and served when you are ready.
  • Mushrooms on toast – This is a classy way to enjoy the mushrooms that people love to eat with their steak and it can be garnished with herbs to make it even more appealing.
  • New potatoes with garlic butter – These soft and tender potatoes are ideal with plenty of garlic butter, which can also be added to the steak sauce.