Matching Drink with Food

The secret to selecting the perfect wine is thinking about the flavors of the meal that it will accompany and choosing wine that will compliment these flavors without overpowering them. Here are a few tips on food and wine pairing to get you started.

Roast Chicken Dinner

Roast Chicken DinnerLike most poultry, turkey is medium-flavored and is best paired with either a full bodied white wine or a medium bodied red wine, depending on personal taste. Young red wines that are low in tannins but have a strong fruity taste such as a Californian Zinfandel or a Beaujolais Cru are great choices for red wine lovers. People who prefer white wine are sure to enjoy a full-bodied Chardonnay or a glass or two of a classy southern Rhone.

Succulent Seafood

Seafood tends to have a much subtler flavor than most meat, which means that the wine you serve with your seafood dish should be considered carefully. You can balance the richness of seafood such as prawns and shrimps with Chablis, while this richness can be matched with a lightly oaked Chardonnay. The light weight and delicate flavor of oysters can be complimented with delicate wines like Champagne and Muscadet, while rose wine makes a good companion for crab and lobster.


Beef steak has a strong flavor, which makes a full bodied red wine the perfect accompaniment, especially if you are serving your steak with a red wine or mushroom sauce. Some great choices include Napa Cabernet and Barolo, while full-bodied rose wines could be an interesting option to accompany lean steaks.


Because most desserts tend to be sweet, dessert wines also tend to be sweeter than those that are eaten with the main course. However, traditional Christmas pudding and other festive fruit-based desserts tend to be less sweet than the average dessert and work well with wines such as white German Riesling Spatlese and Beernenauslese.