Selecting the Best Kind of French Wine

French wine is celebrated all over the world for its excellent quality and flavor. This is the drink of choice in France, and the country boasts some of the largest vineyards in the world.

French WineBordeaux wine is red wine that is rich and full bodied. There are lots of different types of Bordeaux wine to choose from such as Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. These wines are ideal to drink with meat courses like juicy beef steak and spaghetti Bolognese.

France also produces are wide range of different types of white wine that come in a whole host of different flavor profiles. The Alsace region of France famously produces rather dry white wines such as Pinot Blanc and Riesling. These wines make excellent accompaniments to white meat dishes like chicken and turkey.

Sauvignon Blanc wine hails from the picturesque Loire Valley region of France. This is a full bodied white wine that works well with a wide range of different main meals like roast dinners and casseroles. The Loire Valley boasts a cool climate. In addition to Sauvignon Blanc a large number of fruity red wines and sparkling and slightly sweet white wines are produced here.

The Provence region of France is famous for producing delicious red wine. Lovers of rose wine will also find that a number of popular varieties come from this part of the country. The light flavor profile of rose wine makes it equally well suited to drinking with red meats such as roast port as well as chicken and turkey.

Lovers of French cheese are sure to discover that there are plenty of different types of wine to drink with their cheese course. Pairing the right wine with French cheese can be a bit of an art and the best way to do this is to hold a wine and cheese party so that you will have plenty of opportunities to sample the different options and find the perfect match.