Top 5 steakhouses in Lisbon, Experience the Taste of Portugal

Steak houses are as popular as ever on the European continent, not least in Lisbon where you will find an array of different eateries offering the best of Portuguese beef, amongst others. If you are ever in Lisbon and hungry you will not fall short of a good piece of rump steak, some barbeque ribs or the countries finest sirloin. There will also be voluptuous selections of wine to help wash down your meal. The main questions you will be asked are, ‘How would you like your steak?’ and ‘what wine would you like to go with that?’

shutterstock_230765290Choose an old style steak house

The Sommelier Lisbon is one of the more elegant steak houses that has people coming back again, and again for its good service, fantastic food, and wine. Tasters are offered for the wines, and the food is voted one of the best in Lisbon. Another deserving of mention is the Cafe de Sao Bento offering a good steak within an old building near the busy nightlife of Lisbon. The Atalho Real has good outdoor seating and is right next to a botanic garden. Happy and satisfied after your meal, why not check out what else you can do in Portugal with this website

Extensive wine selection

The Sala de Corte has people flocking in most nights ,so book ahead if you want to guarantee a table. This eatery presents its meals on lovely wooden boards and boasts a grill chef who is very proud. The O Funil is next on our list and offers quality service, English speaking waiters and authentic Lisbon treats. The food here comes highly recommended. Make sure to try some of their wonderful Iberian red wines as well. Lisbon has a lot to offer those that enjoy a good piece of steak, and they certainly know how to handle the grill, so be sure to try some when you visit.